What we do

What we do

We offer tangible solutions to clients requiring expert services
in internal/external communications, government relations, social media management,
stakeholder relationship management, media training, crisis management, and thought leadership.

We are passionate about sharing Africa's untold positive stories of growth and unlimited opportunities. Our very existence is inspired by the passion for promoting the stories of business success and enabling businesses to connect, engage and share their best practices with Africa and the world.

In working with The African Storyteller, Africa's private and public sectors are now able to share stories of how their investments are contributing to Africa's socio-economic growth, thus improving the overall quality of life and standards of living for ordinary Africans.

At The African Storyteller, we provide crucial support to businesses planning to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. We pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding the continent’s business, government, media, and political landscape.

We are committed to ensuring that our work stays aligned and relevant to the target audiences in each respective market. This enables us to connect our clients to strategic stakeholders at the forefront of driving growth priorities in each market.

Our team understands the country development plans of Africa’s key markets and draws upon a pool of expert partners with critical skills to inform and support our output. We work with analysts, economists, researchers, legal practitioners, and former government policymakers who have an extensive understanding of Africa to produce detailed strategies and content for our clients.

What we do
Government Relations

Governments around the world are tasked with creating an investor-friendly environment, one that enables businesses to thrive.

Media Relationship Management

Storytelling is an old African tradition, and in modern-day business, it continues to be a powerful tool to articulate a business’s strategy, milestones, and relevance.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

We understand the lay of the land in Africa and have built relationships with a strong network of key stakeholders across the length and breadth of the continent and beyond.

Communication, Content Creation and Dissemination

We do communication, content creation and dissemination for our clients.