Gilead Sciences, a global pharmaceutical company, recently embarked on an innovative Pan-African awareness campaign for viral hepatitis, called Kick Virus B and C. The campaign was linked to the Total African Cup of Nations that took place in Egypt from 21 June to 19 July 2019.

Gilead Sciences, one of the four main sponsors of the tournament, created a special fan zone at the Cairo International Stadium that allowed fans to get more information on the disease and pledge their support by kicking a football.

Hepatitis B and C is now one of the biggest infectious disease killers in Africa surpassing HIV/AIDS and TB in some countries.

As part of the campaign, Gilead Sciences asked leading African experts to share their views on the disease.

Danjuma K. Adda, the Executive Director and Founder of Chagro-Care Trust, a non-profit organisation that helps hepatitis patients in Nigeria shared his perspective on how Nigerians can beat hepatitis by working together.

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